Organizational Development


The first step to organizational development is to commit to continually improving your business and its offerings. 

We can influence change that leads to increased product innovations by using competitive analysis, market research and consumer expectations and preferences. Which in turn will increase communication to influence employees to bring about desired changes.

Our goal is always to improve positive and effective communication through the alignment of all employees to the shared company goals and values. This proactive organizational development approach that we use embraces ongoing change, raises innovation and fosters efficiency.

Organizational Development Case Study 

Request: Source Security is a national Canadian security and investigation firm with over 2500 employees. They needed a better method to screen multiple applicants online to insure a better fit with company values and job requirements.

Our Support: Thinking Cap reviewed all existing online applicant tracking systems. Thinking Cap conducted workshops with managers in order to clarify corporate values. A job analysis was conducted of the most common company job roles. After clarifying values and the most common tasks, a 60-question self-reporting scale was developed to assess values of applicants and 30-multiple choice questions were included assess situational judgement of common job conditions.  

Results: The President and the Director of Human Resources of Source Security advised that after implementation of the questions into their applicant tracking system, the quality and speed of on-boarding had improved and employees were a better fit for the company.