We are here to help you grow


Thinking Cap is a global association formed to help organizations and individuals achieve commercial and personal success. We can help you achieve this success by applying demonstrated insight and expertise to help you reach your business goals.  

The core of our work is developing deep behavioral insights in order to provide interventions that drive real and profound transformational change; at the individual, team or organizational level. We can help by using combining the disciplines of management, business psychology, theory and research.

Our scientific, evidence based approach is matched with a true understanding of people, mindsets and organizational behaviors. We believe that new ways of working and thinking will bring positive change. We tap our vast international business and academic resources to uncover hidden opportunities for you and provide the evidence based analysis you need to make informed decisions.

We believe in providing small and medium sized businesses, charities and nonprofits with the same insight driven, tailor made solutions once reserved for large corporations. We believe that our values-driven collaborative approach can provide new competitive advantages to help any individual or organization establish a framework for sustained innovation and growth, leading to both business and personal success. We work to support our partners by providing support, resources and insights in collaboration with their projects. This is why we exist, to help you succeed. 

With associates in Canada, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia, we have the depth of capacity and diversity in skills to help all organizations, from large corporations, non-profit charities to small family run businesses anywhere across the world. We can serve you virtually or come to your office. We can serve you in 11 languages.

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